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Rise to the Top ~ Improve Your Professional Performance

To be successful and rise to the top in business ~ and in life ~ there are certain character traits that one needs to adopt, especially in today’s extremely transparent business world. Be a good online communicator Being able to get the right message across is key to improve your professional performance. To be effective you need to trim the fat from your messages to ensure that they are concise and to the point. Use many bold headings or bullet points to enhance readability. Good online communication means that you respond as soon as physically possible (or have an assistant to so for you) to client messages or posts, even if it is just to acknowledge receipt of their message. Become more credible In order for you to be taken seriously, you must gain credibility. People prefer to do business with those that they like and trust. However, credibility must be earned.  It will build over time.  Be persistent and consistent. Social media platforms are ideal for gaining credibility if you do it right. Be seen as an industry expert by writing articles and posts that are relevant to your business and post on your company blog or industry blogs….
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