Customer Relationship Management

closing the saleA handshake is just the beginning. Once the sale has been made the relationship shouldn’t end there — unless you want to see that same customer sign with your competitor later.  You want to develop a good relationship with each customer and good customer relationship management focuses on customer retention and satisfaction.

Relevant and Open Communication

Good relationship management sets the stage for open communication. If there is open communication, concerns, complaints and compliments can quickly be addressed. If you know what your customers need, it is easier to make modifications that will please them and thereby increase sales. Relevant communications motivate consumers to use more of your products and/or services.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Customers want to feel special and important so you will want to provide more than just a product or service, you want to provide an enhanced customer experience. Make customers feel valued. Use information you know about the customer wherever possible to personalize the experience and build customer intimacy. For example, send personalized birthday or anniversary cards or send a note of congratulations for their achievements.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

It is no secret that a happy customer will refer you to new customers. Customers who enjoy a good relationship with your company share their experiences with others and social media is making this sharing process easier than ever.People are more motivated to try a product or a service based on reviews from an existing customer than by advertisements. If you manage the relationship with your customer properly, when a friend of your customer asks for a referral, your name will come to mind.

Treat your customers or clients like they’re the most important asset of your business, and your customers will grow your business for you.

Contact us for a free initial consultation and we can help you make your prospective and current customers aware of your products and services, position your business in their minds as the obvious choice, and help you to build lifelong, profitable relationships with them.

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